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Phone content backup and transfer solutions
. Automatic Email Configuration. Diagnostics


World wide patented system for short code unified calling system.

Messaging & Video VAS for Mobile Operators  

Credit-card size wallet friendly USB flash device.

Hands Free Car Telephone with GPS

Tele-Medicine products and Geos Skeeper a 3 button emergency phone with GPS
Unified messaging system for phone operators.   Biometric Web Based Time and Attendance system.

German manufacturer of video surveillance systems  

Modular GSM Gateways ranging from 4 up to 72 GSM channels connecting ISDN, BRI, E1, B1, PRI, SIP y H323
Phone content backup and transfer solutions.   Phone content backup and transfer solutions.
Swiss Emergency phone for children and elderly people   Bitcom - Microwave Telecom Diagnostics and Testing Technologies
Handheld multimedia streaming system over cellular network   Intelligent Power Supply and Power Backup UPS for large installations.
Electronic signature solutions   Quasar - Cellulink Cellular Gateways
System to control fuel transport and storage   Italian manufacturer of Gaming Consoles