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Comprehensive security solutions for large constructions

By combining state of the art technologies and security experience we are providing security solutions today in airports, harbors, government buildings, refineries, large factories, shopping complexes, etc.

Our Geospatial software creates a real time solutions in three dimensions (3D) views associated to a geographic information system (GIS) to enable a coordinated command and control system (C2) that help teams and teams coordinators execute complex tasks..

Real time control of events and monitoring of any location, external or internal with accurate field analysis. Smooth control and movement for over 1000 objects per scene


Simulation mode for real time training using a scenario generation system and drills to train the security forces with planning evacuation and takeover routes and protection of VIPs
Instead of relying on a simple 2D map to show the location of alerts, our solution can process large amount of information in three dimensions fast and clearly, enabling the security management team fast responses to any situation.

Creation of a three dimensional simulation of the external and internal operational areas. Movement throughout this 3D world is enabled with a joystick .

All computers in the network are updated in real time.

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