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RF field strength monitor used to ensure safety near cellular base station antennas.


    RF field strength indication using bright LED's
Pinpoint and monitor active and idle antennas.
Loud alarm will warn in case of Electro Magnetic Field EMF overexposure danger.
Simple, robust and reliable.
Calibrated to occupational reference levels.(

Measuring Mode
When approaching a base station site, the RF technician may use fieldSENSE Occupational in "measure" mode to ensure that he/she is not overexposed.

In "Measure" mode the field strength is measured continuously. A level indicator bar provides visual feedback of the exposure levels as the instrument is moved around.

The user can pinpoint sources of RF radiation and confirm that specific base station sectors have been shut down, or are transmitting reduced power levels so that can it be considered safe to approach and complete a required task.

  Monitoring Mode
After confirming that relevant sectors have been powered down, fieldSENSE Occupational can be switched to 'monitor' mode and mounted in a suitable position and orientation. fieldSENSE continuously monitors the RF radiation levels and will alert the worker in the case of significant exposure changes. The worker is alerted by both an audio alarm and a visual alarm on the level indicator bar.
  International Exposure Limits
The unit is calibrated to the ICNIRP Occupational reference levels. Please visit for more information about ICNIRP standards.
Frequency bands
The operational frequency range is limited to bands commonly used for mobile telecommunications.
  For more information:  + 972 544 451418