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Security solutions for large constructions By combining state of the art technologies and security experience we are providing security solutions today in airports, harbors, government buildings, refineries, large factories, shopping complexes, etcl.


schedule Electro Magnetic (EMF) Monitor
RF field strength monitor to ensure safety rules near cellular base station antennas

Anti Churn schedule
New technology for administration, copy, backup and configurations of cellular phones.

Fast and intuitive

Cable Organizer
Cable organizer made with rotating top.
Single or double height with perforations to insert screw drivers, pens etc.


IXUS Modeler is a desktop application for building base station models quickly and easily. The IXUS EMF compliance calculator can determine public and occupational non-compliance zones very accurately and display them in 3D on the model.

Teléfono manos libres con GPS

Hands free phone with GPS
Designed for secure, reliable and comfortable communications.
The phone, connected to the car mains, is always ready to use, without the problem of discharging due to intensive use.
It comes with integrated GPS navigation updated in real time