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Desktop application for building base station models quickly and easily.

The IXUS EMF compliance calculator can determine public and occupational non-compliance zones very accurately and display them in 3D on the model. The zones can be generated by one or many multi-band base station antennas or other antennas such as yagis and grid antennas. The EMF compliance calculator is fully integrated with the IXUS software solution so it's easy to recalculate the zones repeatedly, as a base station model develops.

Import Blueprints and Aerial pictures (JPEG, PDF, PNG, BMP) and construct your model on them.


Easily position objects with the auto-snapping work plane and the on-screen tape measure.  
Add generic structures and change the dimensions easily. Add antennas from a collection of frequently used antennas in the library, or import custom antennas from the IXUS Antenna Portal.  
Produce your calculations in as little as a few seconds on a typical PC. Create pictures of the model from different angles ready for use in compliance reports.  
Display zones of public and occupational non-compliance in 3D. Generate Environmental slices to illustrate how environmental levels of non-ionising radiation compare to EMF general public guidelines.  
Generate accurate results efficiently, even for complex sites. Export 3D PDF Documents. View an example here.  

The IXUS Manager web application stores all the information you need for carrying out EMF compliance assessments.

The information is held in a secure central database and can be shared across your whole compliance team.


  • Core information, such as site name and location
  • 3D models made with the IXUS Modeller
  • Site documents and digital photos as well as comments and instructions about the EMF Compliance status of a site
  • All the information required to generate base station reports


  For more information:  + 972 544 451418