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Customer List

Anguila Cable and Wireless Brasil Vivo Jamaica Cable and Wireless
Antigua Cable and Wireless Cayman Cable and Wireles México Unefon
Argentina Movicom Chile Bell South Panamá Telefonica Movistar
Argentina Telefonica Movistar Chile Entel PCS Panamá Cable and Wireless
Brasil Americel Chile Smartcom Perú Bell South
Brasil ATL Chile Telefonica Movistar Perú Telefónica Movistar
Brasil Brasil Telecom Colombia Telefonica Movistar Puerto Rico Centennial
Brasil Claro Digital Colombia Comcel Puerto Rico Telefonica Movistar
Brasil CTBC Dominica Cable and Wireless República Dominicana Centennial
Brasil Embratel Ecuador Telefonica Movistar República Dominicana Codetel
Brasil Telemar El Salvador Telecom St Kitts Cable and Wireless
Brasil Telemig El Salvador Telemovil Trinidad Tobago TSTT
Brasil Tess Guatemala Comcel Uruguay Movicom
Brasil TIM Guatemala Telgua Venezuela Movilnet